Program Information

Our Spring locations will be updated as they are approved, please continue to check back.

GOTR Lancaster is using an ALL Lottery Style Registration!

Spring registration will open online Monday, January 11th, but there’s no need to race to the computer!

Registration during the lottery period will remain open for two weeks, then the lottery will be run on Jan. 25th at which time spaces on the team will automatically be filled with a computer generated selection from those who registered during the lottery registration.  Any remaining spots will automatically open to first come first serve.

What does that mean for you?

Lottery System Registration
You spoke and we listened!  To eliminate the stress of having to “race” to a computer as soon as registration officially opens to secure a spot on a team, all sites (excluding sites using paper registration) will be using the lottery system as an alternative to our “first come, first serve” registration process.  The lottery system will help to ensure a fair opportunity to participate in the program for all interested girls by giving a one week time frame to complete the registration process.
Registration will be open for two weeks starting Mon. Jan. 11th.  What this means is that as many people who want to register for the team can during this two week period (as long as the participant attends the host school).  Registration will temporarily close on Jan. 25th at noon, at which time our system will randomly choose participants to fill the available spots for that team.  Once the team participants are selected, those participants will get an automated email stating they are on the team with a follow up email within the week from her GOTR coach.  Girls who are not placed on the initial team will be placed on the waiting list and receive an email from GOTR letting you know your status.  If there are more spaces available on the team than girls registered, everyone will be placed on the team and the remaining spaces will be open for first come first serve registration.  Coach’s daughters will automatically be placed on the team where she is coaching.

Any available spots on a team after the lottery is run will be open to first come first serve.

Please email with questions.

Girls who do not attend the host school, but would like to participate in GOTR at a specific location, may register if space allows starting Jan. 26th.

* If your school says “paper registration” girls will be able to pick a registration form up at the designated area when school begins.

All girls must be able to commit to BOTH practice days and times in order to participate.
Please make sure this is possible BEFORE registering.  Thank you!

Spring 2016 Dates:

EventTime and Place
Online registration opens Jan. 11th. All schools using online registration will be using the lottery style registration. For more information on that, please visit our program information page.Jan. 11th
After the lottery is run on Jan. 25th all remaining spots will be open to first come first serve registration.Lottery registration period is Jan. 11th-Jan. 25th
Lottery is run. Sites with remaining space available after the lottery is run will reopen for first come first serve registration.Jan. 25th
Season Begins!Week of Feb. 29th
Online registration closesMarch 11th at midnight
GOTR 5k presented by OAL. Open to the publicMay 14th, 9:00 am at Franklin and Marshall
Season Ends -
Final Celebration
Week of May 16th

Past sites are not automatically guaranteed to have a fall team.  If your school had a team in the past and they are not listed, that means we do not have any coaches for the fall at that school.  If you would like to coach at a school that isn’t listed as having a team yet, please contact Jennifer West for more information.
Participants have until the 4th practice to withdraw from GOTR and still receive a refund.  After that refunds are not available.
Questions regarding this?  Email Jennifer West

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a coach, please contact Jennifer West.

Season registration is $150.00 per girl per season based upon the sliding scale below.

Financial Assistance:

We offer financial assistance to those in need based on household income and ask that a minimum of $10 be paid. Partial and Full assistance is based on annual household income and are available to anyone.  Please use our sliding scale below, if additional assistance is needed outside of our registration rates below, please call (717-629-6329) or email Jennifer West.  Thank you.   We never want money to be a reason not to join GOTR.

All financial information is kept confidential.

Family Income:Program Fee:
Greater than $55,000$150.00
*Minimum payment is $10.00 per participant

Online payment is with a credit card only (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover).  If additional payment options are necessary, please email Jennifer West or call 717-629-6329 to make arrangements.

For siblings, when $150 is paid for the first girl, subsequent sisters can pay a 10% discount.

Coaches’ daughters please accept our appreciative registration discount.  You pay only $100 for first child and $75 for subsequent daughters.

If additional financial assistance is needed please contact Jennifer West at

The registration fees support the following areas:

Each girl receives:

a season t-shirt
a race t-shirt
is registered for the 5k at no cost
end of season gift
gifts from national sponsors
a medal as they finish 5k
Grown_up Guide for parents
a lifetime of confidence and the power to walk tall

The fee covers:

liability insurance to protect the girls and coaches
CPR/First Aid training for all Head Coaches
background checks on every volunteer (over 500)
intensive coaches’ training
copies of curriculum binders
coaches’ boxes containing materials for the season
5k race day pre-race primping materials
end of season gathering of teams
supplies and thank you note materials for girls to use
Girls on the Run International annual renewal fee
Girls on the Run is giving girls the tools to navigate the Girl Box
(that place where girls go somewhere between 3rd-8th grade when they begin losing their true authentic selves).

At Girls on the Run girls learn to:

celebrate their bodies,
honor their voices,
recognize their gifts, and, activate their power!

The intangible gifts your girls will receive are “an investment of a lifetime”! Read what parents and girls are telling us:

“I realized that I could be crazy and I can be myself and how I can reach a goal if I try.” -Past participant

“It doesn’t matter if you cross the finish line first, it only matters if you cross at all.”-Past participant

“My daughter is having such a good experience she came home last week and  made a list of all the letters of the alphabet of the things that GOTR is teaching her–awesomeness, beauty, courage……” -GOTR parent

Your girls will finish the season with a lifetime of confidence and the power to walk tall!

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