Lighten Up Lancaster County Coalition:

Our Mission: Lighten Up Lancaster County Coalition is a group of concerned individuals, organizations and employers who want to increase the number of children and adults in Lancaster County who are at a healthy weight.

Physical and Mental Health:

You Grow Girl! helps girls 9-16 develop healthy attitudes and habits that serve for a whole lifetime. Experience-based interactive workbook sections on weight and food issues, coping with stress, culture and peer pressure, exercise, deceptive media/Internet imagery, and more help you find and keep (or develop??) your self-esteem as your main ally against (your own and others’) self-destructive behaviors.

“Practical, easy tools for a healthy pathway through adolescence.” Joan Jacobs Brumberg

Larson Publications, 120 pages, 2-color interior, layflat 7 x 9 paperback,  $15.95  – This Web site offers girls reliable, useful information on the health issues girls will face as they become young women.

Body Image and Eating Disorders:

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center – dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. provides information and treatment resources for all forms of eating disorders. Our goal is to provide assistance, in the form of information and resources, to those suffering with eating disorders to get them started on the road to recovery and healthy living.

Empowered Parents – Prevention and treatment of eating disorders

National Eating Disorders Association – dedicated to expanding public understanding of eating disorders and promoting access to quality treatment for those affected along with support for their families through education, advocacy and research. – a body image site for every body. No matter what your size or background, they hope to inspire you to love your body through thick and thin!


General Federation of Women’s Clubs of North Carolina – The 2008-2010 GFWC-NC President and Junior Director’s Special Project is a partnership with Girls on the Run of North Carolina. GFWC-NC will support the Girls on the Run program by raising $50,000.00, collecting items for Coaches and participants and volunteering at race events. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs- North Carolina (GFWC-NC) was organized in May 1902 and is a volunteer organization of 150 clubs across the state. Women of all ages, interests and backgrounds work together to make their hometowns, state and nation a better place through local community service.

– a not for profit educational web project that celebrates the best of humanity. MY HERO’s mission is to enlighten and inspire people of all ages with an ever-growing internet archive of hero stories from around the world. MY HERO uses current web technologies to provide a unique educational experience that promotes literacy and cross cultural communication.

YouthActionNet – their aim is to provide a virtual space where young people can share lessons, stories, information and advice on how to lead effective change. It is a space where youth can get up-to-date information, resources and tools to strengthen their work.

Packaging Girlhood – a new book by Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown that helps guide parents through attempts to claim them by marketers and the media. It shows parents the image of girls (sexy, diva, boy-crazy, shoppers) that’s being packaged and sold, pretty in pink. They write about how “girl power” has been co-opted by marketers of music, fashion, books, cartoons, TV shows, movies, toys, and more to mean the power to shop and attract boys, and how girls are encouraged to use their “voice” to choose accessorizing over academics, sex appeal over sports, and boyfriends over friends.

Ask The Judge – answers for teens about the law.  Amy Poehler interviews girls who are “changing the world  by  being themselves.”

Balanced Steps – The award winning bilingual book, We Are Girls Who Love to Run/Somos Chicas y A Nosotras Encanta Correr. GOTR Founder and Vision Keeper Molly Barker wrote the foreward for the book as the book celebrates girlhood, making positive choices, self-esteem, teamwork and running.**Horizon Fitness has set up an online promo code that gives Girls on the Run International 15% of the Horizon product purchase when the code is used (the only excluded product is the T90 Treadmill).

The promo code is: HZGOTR.

The code can be used immediately at and is valid all year. Please take advantage of this special discount and pass this information along to staff, coaches, volunteers, family and friends!